Growing Product

through responsive and scalable development

Services development overlapping design and infrastructure.

Product Design

  • Change Management
  • Functional Specification
  • User experience
  • Taxonomy


  • Architecture
  • Content Management
  • DevOps
  • Frontend
  • Backend

Data Acquisition

  • Government
  • Internet
  • Research

Projects recently launched



Defined taxonomies derived from existing magazine content. Created workflows for publishing news, magazine, and email newsletters. Built CMS platform for market facing portal supporting news and magazine content. Built responsive website with dynamic ad positions.

ThinkAdvisor CE

ThinkAdvisor CE

Created quiz CMS. Built tools to report results to CFP Board. Built REST api for mobile app. Built HTML5 mobile app using Cordova.



Created data cycle to process government data. Built Advanced Search of >500 fields using jQuery and SOLR. Built Exports using offline queue processor to queue sized exports. Built authorization system.

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